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Amlie Solutions helps organizations achieve their potential through Social Leadership training. sound business advice and digital services.



We teach your managers how to:

Become extraordinary leaders

Better leadership increases the value of your organisation. We teach your managers in the following modules:

  • Leadership psychology
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Coaching and Motivation
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Culture Building
  • Tools and Organization
Increase efficiency with Lean Management

Lean is a toolbox and methodology that reduces waste from processes, thereby cutting costs, increasing efficiency and empowering employees to continually improve their work. It can have immense results both on the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

Innovate with Lean Startup

Lean Startup works on the premise that the complete business plan is a myth. We simply do not know how the market will react before it does. Lean Startup is a method to continually test hypotheses quickly and cost-efficiently, and let our audience tells us whether an idea is good or not before investing heavily in development.

Influence through great communication

Even the most seasoned executives find presentations a difficult part of their work. The challenge is two-fold: planning impactful communication is hard, and delivering it can be daunting. Our classes focus on both the message and the underlying psychology that can hold you back when delivering it.


We help you:

Become more innovative and creative

Do you need to move your strategy or portfolio in a new direction? We help business develop new products, solutions and improvements to keep you on the edge of your industry.

We assist you in all stages of innovation, from sparking ideas, to project management, launch, growth and continued development.

  • Innovative creative workshops
  • Defining problems and making solutions
  • Testing prototypes and MVP’s
  • Analysing ideas and market
  • Growth strategy
  • Continued development
Communicate better

Communication is the easiest and the hardest thing in the world. It can bore people, or it can spark a massive amount of motivation and inspiration. We help organizations get their message across in a way that is understandable, influential and aligned with your brand.

  • Presentations
  • Speechwriting
  • Press releases
  • Internal communication
  • Communication coaching: presenting and speaking
Grow a great Company Culture

A great company culture is one of the most valuable investments your organisation can make. Employees who enjoy the time spent at the workplace are more productive, more creative, stay longer, live longer, sleep better, speak more highly of the company and leadership, take more initiative, make better decisions and are more loyal.

We help organisations build and sustain a great company by:

  • Analysing current situation
  • Develop a set of initatives based on your needs and vision
  • Measure effects on employees and Key Performance Indicators
  • Build an employer brand
  • Empowering your employees in culture building
  • Train your managers on all levels to understand and contribute to company culture
Improve your operations

Every business can produce more with less by streamlining processes, using technology and changing habits:

  • Visualise your process(es), to get a complete understanding of how your business works
  • Analyse these process maps from different perspectives; employee, customer, product, manager
  • Locate and eliminate points of waste
  • Empower employees to take part in forming their own workday
  • Improve collaboration between departments through workshops, coaching and 360 degrees feedback

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Strategy tools that make sense.

We provide tools and knowledge to set a measurable, clear strategy for the organization – so complete it will track every single of your most important KPI’s, and yet so easy to understand that it can be kept transparent and available for every member of your organization should you choose to. Share your vision.

  • The strategy is visualized in an easy-to-understand plan than involves all your most important business metrics and projects
  • Get your board, executive team and employees on board
  • Avoid complex and time consuming reports
  • Easily report on progress annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly – depending on your business
  • Efficient workshops coaches your key players to feel empowered and take ownership
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A thriving company culture.

What is a company culture about, really? It’s about aligning your employees with your company’s vision and values. Not by forcing them, but by building your strongest ambassadors from within. We provide leaders on all levels with training, excercises/role-playing, cases and feedback rounds to increase their understanding of how they can strengthen their team or company culture. Employees want to do the best work of their lives – let them.

  • Motivation, and just as importantly – demotivation, is closely tied to leadership style
  • Most leaders are blissfully unaware of their mistakes and weaknesses
  • Leadership is a skill that needs to be taught. Even if some are more comfortable in a leadership role than others, no one is born a good leaders
  • Research shows a definite correlation between culture and creativity, loyalty and net results
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Efficient processes.

In every process there are points of value and points of waste. Through Lean methodology and our own tools we separate the two, and remove the latter, to ensure processes are streamlined, automated and focus on value. We examine what perspective from which to analyze the process (employee, customer, product, department, etc.) to tailor its improvements in the right direction. The result? Cost saving. Higher customer satisfaction. Efficiency. Waste in a process is an opportunity for improvement.

  • A complete map of the process in question is set up
  • As a leader, you get a thorough insight into the everyday tasks of your employees
  • Every single step of the process is analyzed to locate waste, often increasing efficiency by 20% – 120%
  • Employees are included in the process, empowering them to affect their workdays in a meaningful way
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Presentations that wow.

Presentations can be a make-it-or-break-it moment. Whether your audience is investors, board members, executives or your team, it can be a daunting experience to prepare a presentation that persuades them to your cause. Having great presentational skills in your toolbox is a huge contributor to success for you and your company. We will tailor our contribution to your preferences and follow you every step of the way – preparation, design, presentation and feedback.

  • What makes a good presentation?
  • Language and rhetorics – the treats of persuasive dialogue
  • Body language, voice and confidence
  • Deeper diving into your motivations and fears as a speaker, and how to develop your skills on a permanent basis
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